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Easybib & Noodle Tools


Update Your Easybib Account

Beginning July 2018, Easybib will no longer offer school or student accounts. You will no longer be able to access the features that allow you to create and share projects, export to your Google account, take notes or use APA & other research formats. For now, you can continue to access some features of Easybib (unfortunately they no longer offer the note taking tool).

You must log in with the Image that says sig in with Easybib and NOT the Image that says sign in with google

Use the coupon code: mtmanHSvt337 to update your account.



What will you do without Easybib? Try Noodletools! All MMU Students have access to this research tool which offers almost all of the same features as Easybib. Simply sign in with with your Google account. If you use Noodletools, please share your feedback with us. We want to know what you think of it.