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The FSP is an MMU academic program option based on the recognition that students have different learning needs and styles and that learning can take place not only at school, but also at home and in various community contexts. Participating families work with the FSP Coordinator to allow students to earn some portion of their high school credits through the completion of individualized learning contracts. Contracts are designed and implemented by participating families and approved and monitored by the FSP Coordinator. The students and their families thus assume primary responsibility for preparing the Learning Contract, obtaining instruction, and mentoring or monitoring as the contracts are implemented.

Beginning an FSP

Students who are interested in earning high school credit through a Family-School Partnership are required to schedule a meeting with the Family School Partnership Coordinator, Ms. Barker. Please contact the Student Services secretary, Caryn Halvorsen, to schedule a meeting. Ms. Halvorsen can be reached at 802-858-1764 or through email at

At this meeting the applicant will obtain assistance with the learning contract, learn how to access the state Grade Expectations for his or her particular subject, and review models of logs.

Please come to the meeting with as much of the MMU Family-School Partnership Contract Agreement form completed as possible.

Elements of the FSP

Before beginning an FSP a student must have:

1. A completed and signed MMU Family-School Partnership Contract Agreement form— PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT THE LEARNING CONTRACT IN #2 BELOW.

2. A Learning Contract which he or she designs with the help of the FSP coordinator

3. An MMU Family-School Partnership Contract Feedback/Approval Form signed by the FSP coordinator

4. An instructor, other than a parent, who will help supervise the FSP

During the FSP the student must:

1. Participate in the study or learning activity for 30 hours for a quarter credit (1/4) or 60 hours for one-half (1/2 or .5) credit

2. Spend a minimum of 20% of the time of the learning activity or study under the supervision of the instructor

3. Keep a log or journal of the hours spent, particulars of the activity, connection to the state’s Grade Expectations, and reflections on progress.

At the completion of the FSP the student must have

1. A log detailing the hours spent on the project along with reflections on progress and connection to state standards. The FSP coordinator will explain the log and how to use the state standards in the learning contract at the aforementioned meeting

2. An essay (explained in the MMU Family-School Partnership Contract Agreement form)

3. An evaluation from the outside instructor

When can the FSP Program be initiated?

• Students can begin an FSP Program any time after completion of their 9th grade year at MMU.

• Grade 9 students are discouraged from starting an FSP except under special circumstances.

• Seniors can initiate an FSP program up to the last day of the FIRST Semester of their senior year. After that, seniors will no longer be accepted.

MMU Family-School Partnership Contract Agreement

Student______________________________________ Grade___________________________Date:_________________________________

Proposed term or dates of Participation [ ] fall ____ [ ] spring ___ [ ] summer _______ OR From _________________________ Through___________________________ (18-20 weeks during school year, or over summer)

Participating Adult Family Member(s) & Relationship to Student:

Supervisor/Instructor (not a family member): ____________________________ Address: ____________________________Telephone:__________________

Instructor’s qualifications: ___________________________________

Note: Though any proposing participant must write this proposal, it should represent a collaborative effort by the MMU student, at least one adult family member, and the student’s supervisor/instructor. Please note required signatures on the bottom of the page.

Family-School Partnership Course Title & Proposed Credits: _______________________________________________ _______________

Is the student intending to seek an MMU diploma? [ ] Yes [ ] No

Role Commitment/Completion of Work:

We, the undersigned parent/guardian and student understand that the student is responsible for completing all work as specified in this Contract Agreement and the student designed Learning Contract. We understand that MMU is trusting students and adults who participate in the Family-School Partnership to fulfill FSP commitments with integrity. We will make every effort to live up to that trust.

Student____________________________________ Date______________

Adult Family Member / Relationship to Student _________________/__________________________________Date_____________

Supervisor/Instructor __________________________________Date______________

FSP Coordinator_____________________________________ Date_____________

Please attach a Learning Contract as described on page 1

MMU Family-School Partnership

CONTRACT FEEDBACK/APPROVAL FORM Student: __________________________________________________________

[ ] REVISE. An appropriate school advisor has reviewed the content of this Learning Contract and Contract Agreement. The following revisions/additions are needed:

[ ] APPROVED. The FSP Coordinator or a school advisor has reviewed the content of this learning contract. The attached contract is approved as written for the above student.

If required, Dates of Progress Report: ________________________________/___________________________

Signature: _________________________________________________________________ Date: ___________ (FSP Coordinator)

MMU Family-School Partnership

Progress Report for ________________________ Due________________________

Comments and/or Grade to Date:__________________________________

Parent Signature: ____________________________________________

Supervisor/Instructor Signature: ________________________________________

Please return this report to the FSP Coordinator at MMU by the date indicated in your packet. Thank you for your participation.

(Cut or tear here) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

MMU Family-School Partnership

Progress Report for ________________________ Due________________________

Comments and/or Grade to Date:__________________________________

Parent Signature: ____________________________________________

Supervisor/Instructor Signature: ________________________________________

Please return this report to the FSP Coordinator at MMU by the date indicated in your packet.

MMU Family-School Partnership


1. Fill out the form below.

2. Have your instructor write an evaluation of your progress. This may be a brief paragraph about your work and your fulfillment of your contract.

3. Write the essay as described on this form. 4. Turn in your logs, essay, and instructor’s written evaluation to FSP Coordinator.

Name: __________________________________ Date: _________________

FSP Course: __________________________

Amount of Credit Requested__________

Credit Approved?_________________


Signature of FSP Coordinator

Please write an essay that describes your overall performance in the FSP and answers some or all the following questions. The essay should be one page in length, double-spaced.

(a) How have you fulfilled your contract?

(b) To what extent was this a valuable experience for you?

(c) What new interests, abilities have you gained, and what have you learned about yourself and your subject area or discipline as a result of your participation?

(d) How have you improved your time management?

(e) Describe your greatest accomplishment or the most satisfying aspect.

(f) Have you gained any skills as an independent learner?

(g) To what extent was the FSP an appropriate option for you?